We want each and every one of our customers to be comfortable with us from the moment we step on your property. So take a little time to get to know us better!

In the 1970’s Dr. John Ellis Sr. left his job as a professor of Agronomy at the University of Ky to pursue entrepreneurship. Along with his wife Bernice and their 4 children, ( John Jr, Kelly, Joe, and Jimmy ) they started Ellis Greenhouses in Georgetown Ky.

Over the years as their business grew they expanded from selling flowers locally out of their greenhouses to selling out of retail flower shops in the Lexington area. These flower shops came to be known as Sunshine Grow Shops. Now under the ownership of the brothers Joe and Jimmy Ellis, the Sunshine Grow Shops continue to offer central Kentucky the best in plant quality and customer service.

Thus Ellis Landscaping, owned and operated by John Jr. and his son Jordan, evolved from the rich heritage that Dr. Ellis and his wife Bernice, left for their kids and grand-kids.

Jordan Ellis


Hi I’m Jordan!

I’m the third generation to take up playing in the dirt for a career.
As a boy I could be found at one of the many sunshine grow shop locations, or in the family greenhouses working right along side my mother and father, or grandparents.
As a teenager, My cousin and I decided to try something a little different then just selling flowers, so we started a landscaping company that we ran in-between our day jobs at the flower shops.
I eventually ended up joining forces with my dad John to start Ellis landscaping, and so here we are today.

My jobs in the company consist of a bit of everything. I enjoy consulting with clients, designing projects and running a crew just to name a few.
My main focus and area of expertise is in designing and building hardscapes and outdoor living areas.
I’m a ICPI certified paver installer and hold certification with NCMA for retaining walls.

John Ellis


When you grow up building greenhouses, and cultivating plants, a career in horticulture is a natural choice.

Growing annuals and perennials is fun, but after the first couple million plants you want to branch out a little.

That’s how I got started with trees and shrubs.

In the 90’s I went back to school at the University of Kentucky to study botany and horticulture.Soon afterwards I was installing landscapes.                                                                                                                                                                               Now I enjoy working with most of my immediate family on landscape projects all over central KY.

My son Jordan focuses on hardscaping, and I handle the green end of the business. If your yard needs help, give us a call!

Whats working with us like?

The Free Consultation

So your thinking about doing a project, but you’re not quite sure what to do, and better yet… how much it’s going to cost?

This is where you give us a call!

We’ll set up a time and date that’s convenient for you to come out and look at your property. During our initial call we’ll find out what you would like done, give you some of our ideas on how you can do it, and give you a good idea of what it might cost to build that outdoor kitchen you found in that magazine!

The Design Phase

If you like our ideas, depending on the size of the job you might like to see a design of what the finished product would look like.

This is where we make your project come to life.

images-15            furgeson patio 4

Whether we hand draw it, or design it on the computer, we can show you what your finished project could look like, along with the exact costs and description of the work to be completed.


So you like the design and you want us to do the work. Great! We know you wont be disappointed!

Next we sign a contract and give you an official start date for your project.

Now comes the fun part! Construction.

IMG_4413   IMG_4503

From planting a small landscape to building a large commercial Hardscape. We work from start to finish to make sure our work is completed according to design and that our customers are thrilled with the end result!



Your project is finally finished and you couldn’t be happier with the work we did!


That doesn’t mean we need to part ways and never see each other again.

Let the guys who installed it maintain it for you, we already know the in’s and out’s of your project and we’ll make sure to keep you looking as good as new for the life of your landscape!