Decks vs. Patios

 Deck or patio; Which should you install? Unless the area under discussion is more than 6 feet above ground level, there are several compelling reasons that paver patios are beginning to win the argument.
Curb Appeal- Over the last 10 years, elevated patios have driven the stone patio to new heights, (literally). The elevated patio set on a decorative retaining wall has clearly been the look that everyone prefers. We call it the Downton Abbey effect. With an elevated stone patio, every house can not only be a castle, it can also look like one.
The elevated deck on the other hand can best be described as generating the Swiss Family Robinson effect. Enough said!
Ease of Maintenance- Anyone who has ever had the experience of maintaining a wooden deck gets this one immediately. Stone patios can be quickly and easily sealed as infrequently as every five to ten years, whereas a wooden deck immediately sentences the homeowner to an endless cycle of staining and sealing.
Longevity- The Appian Way from Rome was constructed over 2000 years ago. Modern stone patios are constructed similarly. while it is doubtful that a cast paver will last 2000 years, there is no doubt that a properly constructed brick patio will outlast the house itself. By comparison, the best materials currently available for deck construction will look considerably worse for wear after just 20 years; a factor that becomes increasingly important when factoring in the resale value of your home.
So who wins the fight between decks vs. patios? We’ll let you the reader decide that answer. As for us though, there’s a reason we only install patios…Cheers!